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Summer, 2019

It's Summer! It's a great time to think about what worked and didn't work during the last school year.  And... it's a great time to think about what new things you might want to try during the new school year.  

Have you heard about BreakoutEDU?  It's a game, it's collaborative, it involves problem solving, it's player directed, it can be a review of materials taught or the introduction to the unit/lesson.  It involves a box, some locks and challenges.  The Teacher Center at the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland has created a bunch (some in collaboration with other educators) and they're here ready to be downloaded - great for those middle grades (3rd/4th - 6th).  They include:

BreakoutEDU: Rosh Chodesh



BreakoutEDU: Tikkun Olam (high school)

BreakoutEDU: Love Your Neighbor

BreakoutEDU:Sh'ma and its Blessings

BreakoutEDU: Shabbat - How to Make it Feel Different

BreakoutEDU: Amazing Race through the TORAH

Try one, let us know what you think.  And let us know if you have ideas for new ones!!  Email us at teachers@jecc.org.

Cleveland teachers - call us and we'll lend you the boxes and locks.