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TC (Teacher Center) Tip of the Month - SEPTEMBER - Vocaroo & QRs


Vocaroo is one of the the easiest podcasting tools to use.  It is simple to make a recording of the teacher or of the student. 

Do your students need help with directions in the learning center?  Record the directions (in can be embedding into your blog), but choose the QR code option.  Attach the QR code to the directions.  Have your students use the ipad/ipod to scan the code to hear the directions.

Using Vocaroo, your students can record their voices and send you a copy as an email.  How great to be able to hear them read or answer your discussion question.

Click to see information to get you started with Vocaroo.  Call us/email us with your questions!! 

Need help with creating QRs or scanning them, let us know.